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Rhubarb Lentil Sweet Potato Curry Recipe

It’s nice to see a rhubarb recipe that isn’t a sweet desert. This is a pretty simple and hearty rhubarb dinner recipe. Ingredients 1 large sweet potato 1 cup French lentils 3 cups of water 1 bay leaf 2 stalks of rhubarb (diced into small pieces) 1 red bell pepper (diced into small pieces) 1 jalapeno 1/2 yellow onion 2 …

Roasted or Grilled Rhubarb & Beets

Rhubarb is typically used in deserts. It’s great to find some rhubarb dinner recipes! This was a simple recipe that consists of basically chopping, oiling, salt, pepper, and roasting (or grilling) beets, sweet potato, and rhubarb. We tried grilling, the rhubarb cooks rather quickly so keep an eye on it. The meal turned out delicious. Check out the full Rhubarb …

Savory Rhubarb Lentil Curry Recipe

Here’s a great rhubarb recipe that is something other than a desert! See the full rhubarb lentil curry recipe here: