Food Matters – Full Documentary

Anyone who eats food should check out Food Matters. There are many food and health documentaries out these days. Some food documentaries that come to mind are Food Inc. Forks Over Knives, The World According to Monsanto, The Future of Food, King Corn, Killer at Large and the list goes on.

Food Matters is similar to existing food documentaries. The film presents some key issues regarding medical studies, nutrition and problems with the ‘health care’ industry. One topic covered includes the nutritional impact of the modern ‘Western diet’ of processed / conventional foods compared to eating raw or vegetarian diets. The film explores the relationship between nutrition being excluded from medical studies and the pursuit of profits by pharmaceutical companies.

Food Matters ends on a positive note empowering individuals to take action by supporting local, organic and sustainably grown produce. It’s up to the individual to consume nutritious food and exercise regularly to ‘stack the deck in their favor’ regarding health.

One complaint, not explicitly for Food Matters, but the film refers to “Alternative Medicine” giving the impression that medicine that includes nutrition is ‘second rate’ or alternative to the norm. A better phrase would be “Appropriate Medicine”.

The full documentary is available online. Enjoy!

Food Matters – Full Documentary


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