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  • Simple Recipe to Make Fermented Pickles

    Here is a simple recipe to make ‘refrigerator pickles’ or ‘fermented pickles’ in your kitchen. *Updated with photos Ingredients Cucumbers Green Beans Garlic Red Pepper Flakes Dill Mustard Seeds Grape leaves or horse radish leaves Brine ingredients Water (2 quarts +) Sea salt (5 Tbs per 2 Qt +) Mix brine (5 Tablespoons of sea…

  • Thinking About Soil – Joe Salatin TED Talk

    Check out this thought provoking talk by organic farmer and author Joel Salatin at TED MED 2012. “Even worms won’t eat processed foods. Why should we? And why do we insist on over-processing and damaging the soil we need to produce nutritious food? Organic farmer Joel Salatin digs deep at TEDMED 2012.”