Fresh blended pulpy orange juice

Fresh Full Pulp Grapefruit Orange Juice Recipe

Fresh orange juice is a wonderful thing. Sometimes we feel bad about wasting all that pulp when using a juicer.

So here’s a recipe for making full pulp orange / fruit juice with an immersion blender. Adding grapefruit is also tasty – it can make the juice a little more tart. This juice is super refreshing.


Oranges on cutting board with knife

This ingredient list could vary depending on how much juice you want and the size of the fruit. This recipe makes enough juice for ~2 cups. Any other citrus could also be added depending on the flavor and what’s available.

  • 1 grapefruit
  • 1 blood orange
  • 1 to 2 navel or other oranges


Start by washing, cutting and peeling the oranges. I typically cut them into into 1/4s and remove the peel and any large seeds. As long as the oranges are relatively fresh the peels should come off easily. It can be more of a challenge if the skin is dried out.

Oranges cut into quarters

Add about half of the orange pieces to a larger larger container where they will get blended. In this case we used the cup that came with the Kitchen-Aid immersion blender.

Blend the first couple oranges, moving the immersion blender up and down in the cup to fully blend everything. Be careful not to spray juice everywhere when raising the immersion blender :).

Add the remaining oranges and then blend until it is a foamy pulpy juice.

Pour into serving glasses and enjoy 🙂

Fresh blended pulpy orange juice


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