Revive Limp Broccoli

If you notice your broccoli starting to get limp and droopy don’t throw it out. Limp broccoli can be made fresh again by trimming the end of the stalk and placing the broccoli in a cup of water. After a day or two in refrigeration the broccoli will be fresh and firm again.

Trimmed broccoli stalk
Trim the ends of the broccoli
Limp broccoli in a cup of water
Place trimmed broccoli in cup of water and refrigerate


5 responses to “Revive Limp Broccoli”

  1. Houghton Avatar

    GREAT suggestion and it worked 100%.

  2. liz Avatar

    That’s my mom’s trick as well. But, is it still nutritious at that point? Have read on net it is not…
    thz, liz

  3. Brian Avatar

    It’s seemed to work great so far. We’ll have to investigate the nutritional content, it tastes great though and is better than having to throw away floppy vegetables. Do you have any sources claiming it’s not as nutritious? This “trick” also works well with quite a few other veggies which we will be posting about soon.

    Thanks for your comment!

  4. Brian Avatar

    Hmm good question! It would be interesting to test somehow.

  5. Steve B. Avatar
    Steve B.

    Modern (frost-free) refrigerators suck all the moisture out of everything.
    This is why your broccoli (and other veggies) is going limp.
    The nutritional value (assuming there is no mold or rot of any kind) is not affected in the slightest, and in fact is more concentrated since there is now less water in the vegetable.
    Of course, the best vegetables go from harvest and into the cook-pot in less than ten minutes…so something that has been kept around long enough to get rubbery is probably already less nutritious than it could/should be.

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