Smoothie Intro Book

Smoothie Intro Book

Do you want to learn to make smoothies? We have put together this book outlining our process for making smoothies. This is a formula we use pretty much every day. Now you can use the same formula to make your own delicious and nutritious smoothies!

This book outlines some basic ingredients, formulas, and a process that can be used and varied to make delicious tasting smoothies.

This book is based on years of experience making smoothies. We’ve made many good and bad tasting smoothies and have refined this process to be as simple and effective as possible. We’ve found making smoothies with this formula is a great habit to build into your morning routine.

This is our first book! It is currently on sale for $0.00 (FREE!) (normally $20.00) for the month of July!

So check out the Smoothie Intro Book, let us know what you think and enjoy!

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