Make Squishy Beets Firm Again

Here is a quick tip:

If you have beets and they are starting to get soft and squishy put them in a cup or bowl of water inside a refrigerator for one to two days. The beets absorb the water and become firm and appear fresh again! This also works for carrots.

Make soft beets firm


3 responses to “Make Squishy Beets Firm Again”

  1. Pam Hyre Avatar
    Pam Hyre

    My beets are wilty and soft although not rotten.Can I still make pickled beets with them ?

  2. Brian Avatar

    I would only use fresh beets of pickling. If they are soft and not moldy, put them in some water for a day or two ( and then cook them.

  3. Brian Avatar

    Additionally meant to link to this post specifically about squishy soft beets

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